Garbage Disposal(家庭ごみ)

Garbage Disposal Rules(ごみ捨てのルール)

Garbage disposal stations in Kanazawa are managed by people from the neighborhood association.

Dispose of your household garbage according to the following rules:

  • Separate your rubbish carefully.
  • Put your rubbish out for collection by 8:30am on the designated day.
  • Place your rubbish at a designated collection point (“gomi station”).
  • Put your burnable rubbish and landfill rubbish in Kanazawa City Designated Garbage Bags and place them at a gomi station.
  • Please do not take other people's rubbish home with you.

When registering as a resident in Kanazawa, there is a multi-language pamphlet about rubbish sorting and collection called “Household Rubbish Sorting and Collection”. Please also check the day and time for collection.
【Inquiries】Garbage Reduction Promotion Section Tel:076-220-2302

Furniture and electrical appliances cannot be disposed of at garbage disposal stations.There is a charge for their disposal.
See the “How to Sort and Dispose of Household Garbage” guide for details and contact the Door-to-Door Collection Center.
【Inquiries】Door-to-door Collection Center Tel:076-221-0530  Open:9am~6pm

Kanazawa City Garbage Separation App((金沢市公式ごみ分別アプリ 5474(ゴミナシ)APP))


You will find garbage separation information, garbage collection information, notification, and various information in the app.
(free app)

Available languages(対応言語)

 Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Indonesian and Thai

How to Sort and Dispose of Household Waste(家庭ごみ分け方・出し方)


Kanazawa Seibu Environmental Energy Center(金沢市西部環境エネルギーセンター)