Municipal Services

Resident Move Notification 住民異動届

In order to become a citizen of Kanazawa and gain access to citizen services, you must complete various procedures at City Hall.
The procedures can be completed at City Hall or at a citizens' center.

Initial Registration of Residence After Moving from Overseas 海外から転居後の住民票の初期登録

  • Register as a new resident at City Hall or at a citizens'center within 14 days of moving in.
  • For children under 16 years of age, the application must be made by a relative living with the child, such as his or her mother or father.  

Required items

  • Residence card (if you were given one at the airport upon disembarkation)(If  "The residence card will be issued later” was stated on your passport when you arrived in Japan, your residence card will be sent from the immigration office to you 10 days after you apply for resident registration.)
  • Passport

Application for Copy of Resident Register 住民票写等交付請求書

Guides for Foreign Residents #3: Obtaining Required Certificates(金沢市在住外国人向け行政手続支援動画3【各種証明】)


When asking for a copy of the resident register, please use the same form as the file below.

Notification of Moving Out (for Mail Use Only) (転出届(郵送専用))


The Individual Number System マイナンバー制度

The "Individual Number" is a 12-digit number given to all people in the basic resident register.
It is required for procedures related to taxes, social insurance, unemployment insurance, and disaster response.
After submiting a resident move notification, Individual Number Notification Card will be sent to the address on your certificate of residence.
You will use your Individual Number throughout your life in Japan, so please manage it carefully.

Individual Number Card for Foreign Residents 外国人住民の方の個人番号カードについて


Guidance for Individual Number Card 個人番号カード 利用のご案内


User Guide for Digital Certificates 電子証明書利用のご案内


Municipal Housing 市営住宅

For Those Considering Living in Municipal Housing 市営住宅への入居をお考えの方へ


Letter of Consent for the Open Drawing 抽選会に係る同意書

Notification of Occupancy Approval 入居決定通知書

For Residents in Municipal Housing 市営住宅の入居者の方へ