Disaster Awareness(防災情報)

Earthquakes are common in Japan.The Great East Japan Earthquake (seismic intensity 7 on the JMA scale) occurred in 2011 and the Noto Peninsula Earthquake (seismic intensity 6 upper on the JMA scale) occurred in Ishikawa Prefecture in 2007.
In addition, large earthquakes can occur anywhere in Japan,so please always take sufficient measures in order to minimize possible damage.
Furniture and stationary articles may topple over and houses and buildings may collapse during an earthquake. Fires and  tsunamis are more likely to occur and utilities such as electricity and water may be cut off.

Guides for Foreign Residents #5【Natural Disasters】(金沢市在住外国人向け行政手続支援動画5【防災】)

Evacuation Sites 指定避難所

In Kanazawa, schools and community centers etc. are designated as evacuation shelters. Find out which school zone you live in and confirm the site location using the Kanazawa designated evacuation shelter map.
Also, all members of your family should know the location of a temporary evacuation shelter (nearby park etc.).

In the Event of an Earthquake 地震の時には

  • Stay away from furniture and lighting fixtures for your personal safety. Protect yourself by hiding under a sturdy desk or table. If you are outside, get away from rivers, the sea, or cliffs as quickly as you can.
  • When the tremor subsides check all sources of heat or fire, shut off the gas valve and water faucet, switch off the
  • electricity at the mains, open the doors in your house to secure an escape route and prepare to evacuate.
  • If you go to an evacuation site, stay calm and watch out for falling objects.
  • Emergency information such as warnings of after shocks will be broadcast on the radio and TV after an earthquake.
Cash and valuables,Emergency provisions and drinking water(Three-days worth),Emergency medical supplies,A portable radio,Writing materials,A flash light,Clothing,Towels etc.(パスポート、現金、非常食、ラジオ、薬、筆記用具、懐中電灯、衣類などの非常持ち出し品のイラスト)

Emergency supplies

After an earthquake you may have to live at an evacuation site for a period of a few days to a few weeks until utilities are restored. Always have the bare minimum of supplies ready at hand in case of emergency.

Possible emergency supplies

  • Cash and valuables  
  • Emergency provisions and drinking water (Three-day's worth)
  • Emergency medical supplies  
  • A portable radio
  • A flashlight  
  • Writing materials
  • Clothing (underwear) 
  • Towels etc.

In Case of Other Natural Disasters (typhoon/ heavy rain) 自然災害(台風/大雨)の時には

Japan suffers from strong winds and rain between June and October which cause flooding and landslides. If there is an early warning pay careful atention to weather forecasts and take precautions to minimize damage.

Kanazawa Disaster Prevention Website(かなざわ多言語防災サイト)

KANAZAWA'S DISASTER-PREVENTION WEBSITE (Kanazawa Disaster Prevention かなざわ多言語防災サイトへリンク)
  • The Kanazawa disaster prevention multilingual website uses google translate.
  • Here, you can learn the basics of Japan's disaster prevention.
  • We will help you collect information in case of disaster.

A Correct Life Saving Evacuation Plan(防災シート)


Preparing the List of People who Require Support for Evacuation 避難行動要支援者名簿の提供について

This notice was sent in May 2020 to all the concerned parties



Firefighting Command Center Pamphlet 消防指令センターパンフレット