Children & Family(子育て支援)

Pregnacy & Childbirth(妊娠・出産)

If you give birth in Japan, notification is required.

Guides for Foreign Residents #4 part 1【Pregnancy to Childbirth】(金沢市在住外国人向け行政手続支援動画4-1【妊娠・出産】)


If you become pregnant, submit a notification of pregnancy to your local Health and Welfare Center or the Health Policy Section, and receive your copies of the "Mother and Child Health Handbook" and the "Kanazawa mother and Child Health Guide".

The Mother and Child Health Handbook

 A record is kept of the mother and child's health from pregnancy to the time that the children enters school. It is needed for your child's vaccinations and periodical checkups. Health and Welfare centers in Kanazawa also have foreign language editions of the Mother and Child Health Handbook.


  •  Submit the notification of childbirth within 14 days of the birth, and register the child's residency ate the Citizens' Section or at a Branch Office.
  •  Apply for a passport. (At the embassy of your country)
  •  Apply for acquisition of a status of residence within 30 days of the birth.

Services Provided for Pregnancy and Childbirth

It can be difficult to give birth and raise children far from your homeland in a place with a different language and culture.
Consult with a Health and Welfare Center if you have questions or concerns.

Kanazawa's Health and Welfare Centers provide the following services for pregnancy and childbirth.

  •  Halthy baby! Home visits
     Public health nurses and midwives visit households which have newborn babies.
     They provide advice above the baby's development and nutrition, childcare, and the mothere's health.
  •  Infant health checkups
     Free health checks are provided for children at 3 months, 18 months and 3 years of age. The doctor records the child's growth and development and provides advice about childcare. You will receive an advance personal notification about the date of the appointment.
  •  Inoculation
  •  Children classes

Raising and Educating Children(子育て・教育)

Childcare Facilities Application Guidelines(保育所・認定こども園等利用手続きのご案内)

Resistration for childcare facilities from April 2020 has ended.

Guides for Foreign Residents #4 part 2【Nursery Schools and Child Care】(金沢市在住外国人向け行政手続支援動画4-2)

保育所認定こども園等利用手続き(Kanazawa City Childcare Facilities Application Guidelines)の表紙

SMILE/RAINBOW COUPONS(かなざわ子育てすまいる/虹色クーポン)


Overview of the Childhood Allowance System 2021(2021年度版児童手当のあらまし)


People Who Receive the Child Support Allowance(これから児童扶養手当を受給される方へ)


Treatment of “school diseases”(就学援助申請中の児童生徒の学校病の治療について)

Re;Treatment of “school diseases” for children who are applyingfor a school expense subsidy (public assistance) (questionnaire)


Child Medical Fee Subsidy System(子育て支援医療費助成制度)


Financial Aid for School Expenses(就学支援制度)

FY2020 Financial Aid for School Expenses(令和2年度就学支援制度のお知らせ)


FY2020 Application for Financial Aid for School Expenses(就学支援申請書)